About Us

Iran Mall Commercial Company (IMCC), a Tehran-based holding, is one of the leading developers of malls and hotels in Iran.
With a top-notch provision of essential data on every and each aspect and features of Iran’s market, , ranging from the consumer behavior and shopping habits to his favors and demands; IMCC has proven to be a very reliable partner for any foreign firm seeking to expand in Iran’s lucrative market. The data is all an outcome of expert studies in technical, legal, management, and commercial fields, so all the remarkable ideas would ultimately turn into lucrative and cost-effective business plans and results.
The Iranian market represents one of the fastest growing markets in the region, driven by changing lifestyle trend, fast paced urbanization and the augmented role of shopping in contemporary life. Along with the country’s rich culture and outstanding geographical features, Iran presents an exceptional opportunity for the international brands to commence a lucrative and profitable business.


Iran Mall is an attractive multipurpose complex that utilizes the cutting edge technical facilities and building technologies. It is expected to serve a population of over 15 million people from Tehran and Karaj. One of the key goals behind this prestigious development is to provide the young Iranian population with entertainment, welfare and modern commercial centers.


• Iran Mall, located between two mega cities of Tehran and Karaj, Iran Mall with 500000 GLA is projected to offer a larger range of national and international Brands in the west of Tehran.
• Mashhad Mall, located on Sajjad Boulevard in Mashhad, the largest tourist city in Iran, Mashhad Mall will be a place for local people and tourists to indulge in an unforgettable shopping experience and shall have an estimated 630000 SQM total area, 170000 SQM Gross Leasable Area and 5100 parking spaces.
• Farmaniyeh Mall, located on Farmaniyeh Street which is one of upscale neighborhood of Tehran (the capital city of Iran), Farmaniyeh Mall with 45000 Gross Leasable Area is expected to offer a large range of luxury brands in the North East of Tehran.
• Hotels Group, FAIRMONT- Iran Mall Hotel, FAIRMONT- Mashhad Mall Hotel FAIRMONT- Vali Asr Tehran Hotel, ROTANA- Mashhad Hotel, BAGLIONI- Dezashib Hotel

Our Vision

The vision of IMCC is to work at a world-class level, and to be a leading industry figure in all areas of its various activities through the group’s prosperous enterprises and sustainable value creation.
The Group has constantly expanded into new markets and territories, thanks to the dedicated and highly skilled colleagues as well as the strategic business partners. IMCC is set to fulfill its promises for a continuous delivering of its services with a higher reliability, validity and sustainability.
As a pioneer in the shopping mall industry in the Iranian market with outstanding achievements, the Group aims at creating new trends in shopping by offering a stunning collection of brands to the local shoppers. In an effort to create bilateral opportunities for the company and its future partners, IMCC welcomes international and regional collaboration.

Our Mission

• Participation and advice in intelligence, integrate and strategic installation of shopping centers and malls
• Assigning modern, safe, healthy and dynamic spaces to international suppliers of product and service


Iman Rahimi

CEO & Vice Chairman

Abbas Hosseini


Ali Hatami

Board of the Member

Ali Rahmani

Board of the Member

Mohsen Gharayi

Board of the Member



Comparisons show that Iran Mall is one of the top-ranked ones in the world and also in terms of scale, it is one of the largest shopping malls in the Middle East.
Iran Mall is a unique multi-peruse in Tehran comprising of a large retail component with a hotels, an exhibition center, a 54-story office tower, a cultural center & a sport complex. The first-of-its-kind mixed-use project in Iran will apply best industry standards which will encompass state-of-the-art facilities such as dancing fountains with a span of over 360m, an ice rink, three food court, two international department store and a magnificent central Persian garden.
The other finalists were:
• Doha Festival City, Qatar
• Red Sea Mall, Jeddah, KSA

Studies and comparative analyses show that Iran Mall is one of the top-ranked companies in the world and in terms of scale, it is one of the largest shopping malls in the whole Middle East.